Linux CLI network troubleshooting in one line

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Over the years I’ve seen bloated tools and bad how-tos for basic troubleshooting, probably just like you. Earlier this year I got my hands on a troubleshooting flowchart from a company I’d once worked for. It was good that they had developed a process, but I  was astounded at how drawn out it was to […]

A look at radio interference in crypto currency mining

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Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate links. I’m just a guy posting a thing. Enjoy. Preface For over a year I’ve worked in the cryptocurrency data mining field. I’m sure by now most people have heard of cryptocurrency, at least Bitcoin. I’ll save the readership my personal feelings on cryptocurrency, the […]

DEFCON 26 WiFi project

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While I’ve followed post DEF CON news for years, DEF CON 25 was my first DEF CON. The first I actually attended. It was a breakthrough moment for me, as it is for many of the techno-nerd kind who intend to “see what it’s all about” and find themselves hooked, waiting all year for the […]