HashChecker – a tool for duplicate file detection

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If you are anywhere near as ‘techie’ as I am you have tons of media: thumbdrives, SD cards, hard drives. I even have CDs. I won’t confess if I have floppy disks. Guess. As the year closed out I finally started the massive project of attempting to consolidate all the media I’ve had lying around […]

Mjolnir – An Open Source Power Cycle Automation service

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Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate links. I’m just a guy posting a thing. Enjoy. Anybody with any experience working with cryptocurrency mining equipment will tell you that at some point the equipment requires attention, typically hanging and needing a simple power cycle. Anybody who tells you otherwise isn’t collecting performance […]

Linux CLI network troubleshooting in one line

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Over the years I’ve seen bloated tools and bad how-tos for basic troubleshooting, probably just like you. Earlier this year I got my hands on a troubleshooting flowchart from a company I’d once worked for. It was good that they had developed a process, but I  was astounded at how drawn out it was to […]