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DEF CON 27 WiFi Project

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Last year, at DEF CON 26, my wife Sunfire and I debuted our Wifi Project in the Jean Vest, fitting the declared 80s theme of DEF CON 26. It got a lot of attention that year and this year, for DEF CON 27, I decided to keep the project going, but to change the project […]

Making the WiFi project vest

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You probably read about our DefCon 26 project already (if not, or as a reminder, it’s here), but I wanted to add my own take and commentary to it, and that seems like a fitting first post for Sunfire @ Hitsaru, so here goes. Well, that there on the left is me, attempting to take […]

DEFCON 26 WiFi project

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While I’ve followed post DEF CON news for years, DEF CON 25 was my first DEF CON. The first I actually attended. It was a breakthrough moment for me, as it is for many of the techno-nerd kind who intend to “see what it’s all about” and find themselves hooked, waiting all year for the […]